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                New England Turf delivers sod on pallets or big rolls.  The pallets of bluegrass or bluegrass-fine fescue sod normally contain 540 to 640 square feet each.  The dimensions of our strips are 2 ft. X 5 ft.  The pallets are “auto stacked” for uniform presentation for garden center yards.  The strips are no longer interlocked so it is easy for customers to grab any amount of sod strips without any adjustment of other strips on the pallet.


                New England Turf offers two types of big rolls.  Both are four feet wide, one is a solid roll and one is a split roll with a seam down the middle.  The standard big roll is harvested to 250 sq. ft. but can be harvested to specific lengths if requested.  This feature can eliminate trim work on the job site.


All of our sod, harvested at any size, should be installed the day it is delivered.






                It is not always easy to coordinate the appropriate amount of qualified help to install sod on your project.  New England Turf offers an experienced, uniformed, documented and fully insured staff to provide you with a full sod installation service.  No job is too large or small.  We have provided this service to landscapers and builders throughout New England, New York, and New Jersey.  Using our service allows you to utilize your staff at what they do best while receiving a professional installation to finish your project.  This service also gives you a firm cost of sodding when you are estimating jobs.  For more information please call our office.  We will be glad to arrange a free consultation with one of our sales representatives.  Many references are available upon request.




                As an added service to our big rolls we offer the option of a trac machine layout.  With a trac machine layout you receive both the operator and machine to install the big rolls on your job site.  The benefit of the trac machine is that it is able to maneuver in areas that our Princeton forklifts or your tractor may not.  The trac machine also does less damage to your final grade.  Trac machine layouts are available in full service installations and also in single operator layouts.




                Our experienced operators are available to unroll at your job site. A successful installation is dependent on the proper steps taken before the layout. First, you will need to supply four to five

people to assist our operators. This amount of labor is required for a few reasons. First, to pull the sod into place using rakes, second, to assist our installer, and finally, to do all the touch up work and edging. You can install Big Rolls yourself using a landscape tractor or bobcat by connecting your equipment to a three point hitch or laying device. For an additional deposit, New England Turf can supply the

necessary attachments.  


Common Sod Blends

Kentucky Bluegrass




                New England Turf produces several blends of Kentucky bluegrass sod.  Typically our blends will include three or four different varieties of Kentucky bluegrass such as Nuglade, Nudestiny, Award and Freedom III.  Criteria for variety selection include color compatibility, insect and disease resistance, aggressiveness, and drought and shade tolerance.  We utilize the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program Kentucky Bluegrass Performance Trial data to select varieties with a history of excellent performance.




                Kentucky bluegrass has been and continues to be the standard bearer of the sod industry.  Bluegrass is widely adaptable to sites from partial shade to full sun, mowing heights of one to four inches, and performs best with moderate to high fertility and irrigation.  Its ability to recover from stress through rhizome generation makes it an excellent choice for high traffic areas.  Kentucky bluegrass sod will perform best under a moderate to high maintenance regime.




                Bluegrass sod is shipped with as little soil as possible.  This feature enhances root development into the soil on your site.  When laid by experienced installers, over a firm, even surface it quickly

becomes a smooth mature turf area.  Bluegrass sod should be installed the same day it is delivered. 

Watering and rolling are the keys to a smooth healthy turf area.  Irrigation should be monitored to avoid drying.  Bluegrass sod is grown under an intense management regime and initially may require more fertility and care than other bluegrass areas at your site.  Please call the office for particular information and recommendations on the care of your sod, or visit our website for more detailed information.


Bluegrass / Fine Fescue




                New England Turf produces several blends of bluegrass-fine fescue sod.  The blends will contain at least three varieties of bluegrass and one variety each of chewings, creeping red, and hard fine fescue.  The criteria for selection of the fescue varieties used is the amount of endophyte present to enhance insect resistance, disease resistance, and low and high maintenance performance.  The percentage of fine fescue present in the blend can vary due to environmental conditions just as it will on your site.




                Our bluegrass-fine fescue sod blends provide a fine turf surface for residential and commercial locations.  These blends are designed to adapt to widely varying maintenance programs that occur on these sites.  In general fine fescues tolerate lower fertility, less irrigation and more shade than Kentucky bluegrass.  In the highly maintained landscape sites, the Kentucky bluegrass blends will tend to predominate, while on the less maintained sites the fescues will predominate.  Some fertility and irrigation is encouraged for the fescues on less maintained sites.




                Our sod is shipped with as little soil as possible.  This feature enhances root development into the soil on site.  The sod should be installed the same day it is delivered.  Watering and rolling are the keys to a smooth turf surface.  Irrigation should be monitored until the sod is fully rooted to avoid any drying and shrinking.  Our bluegrass-fine fescue sod blends are grown under an intensive management program.  Initially our sod may require more fertility and care than similar blue-fescue sites on your landscape.  

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